gaucimusic presents:

Big Fat Music Wednesdays @ happylucky no.1 


October 25

7pm:    NYU Student Ensemble

Andrew Andron – piano, Nick Panoutsos – bass, Lucas Ebeling – drums

**Happylucky no.1 gallery, in collaboration with the  New York University Jazz Department, offers student ensembles an opportunity to present their music in a public forum each week.**

8pm:    Art Bailey || Bailey/Knoche/O’Brien

Art Bailey – fender rhodes/electronics, Christof Knoche – bass clarinet/electronics, John O’Brien – drums

**October 25 marks the maiden voyage of the collective group of Christof Knoche (bass clarinet, electronics), Art Bailey (Fender Rhodes, electronics), and John O’Brien (drums).  They will be performing their own compositions and improvising freely, throwing shards of noise, melody, harmony and found sound at the audience, and each other. Familiar sounds will be forced through electric circuitry, molding and shaping their waveforms like pizza dough, and rendering them freakishly distorted and unrecognizable. No injuries will be sustained.**

9:15pm: Tomas Fujiwara / Joe Morris Duo

Tomas Fujiwara – drums ,  Joe Morris – guitar

Tomas Fujiwara is a Brooklyn-based drummer and composer. Described as “a ubiquitous presence in the New York scene…an artist whose urbane writing is equal to his impressively nuanced drumming” (Troy Collins, Point of Departure), Tomas is an active player in some of the most exciting music of the current generation.  The New York Times’ Nate Chinen writes, “Fujiwara works with rhythm as a pliable substance, solid but ever shifting. His style is forward-driving but rarely blunt or aggressive, and never random. He has a way of spreading out the center of a pulse while setting up a rigorous scaffolding of restraint…A conception of the drum set as a full-canvas instrument, almost orchestral in its scope.”

Joe Morris is one of the rare ones. A player who sets up great challenges for himself, and proceeds to meet them head on with resounding success. He plays the guitar like no one else; for comparative description, it’s actually easier to refer to horn players like Jimmy Lyons or Eric Dolphy than any other guitarist in the history of the instrument’s existence. For the last 30 years and over 50 albums recorded since the early ’80s, Morris has been creating a body of work that stands and walks with giants.”

November 1st 
8pm: Billy Mintz/Tony Malaby/Roberta Piket/Hilliard Greene
9:15pm Anders Nilsson Ensemble

November 8th
9:15pm William Parker/Patricia Nicholson

December 6th
8:00 Thomas Heberer
9:15 Brian Groder
December 13th
8:00 Ken Filiano
9:15 Michael Bisio

December 20th
8:00 Adam Lane

All Ages Welcome!
@ happylucky no.1
734 Nostrand Avenue,
Brooklyn, NY 11216