gaucimusic recordings reviews

Stephen Gauci​/​Wendy Eisenberg​/​Francisco Mela, Live at Scholes Street Studio

Stephen Gauci​/​Liz Kosack​/​Dan Peter Sundland​/​Kevin Shea, Live at Sowieso​-​Berlin


“The profile of saxophonist Stephen Gauci, already a strikingly original voice with a sizeable discography, has risen meteorically over the last year…” – John Sharpe, NYC Jazz Record


Cooper Moore/Stephen Gauci, Studio Session Vol.1


Without a doubt this is one of the best duo efforts I’ve heard in years, absolutely astonishing!” 
– Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG 

“Studio Sessions Vol. 1.. is top-notched instance of accomplished emotional Free Jazz, with the hope that Vol. 1 means that other sessions will soon surface.”—Ken Waxman

“Tenor saxophonist Stephen Gauci gets his own label off to a flying start with this tremendous duet with pianist Cooper-Moore.  Both are deeply idiosyncratic players who reach an accommodation in which their separate parts combine to create a breathtakingly astringent whole.” -John Sharpe, NYC Jazz Record


Stephen Gauci/Sandy Ewen/Adam Lane/Kevin Shea, Live at the Bushwick Series


“There are certain musicians, let’s call them axis musicians, who are always at the center of a scene or movement. Dave Rempis, William Parker and Ken Vandermark can consistently be found at the epicenter of a sound or scene. This is also true of saxophonist Stephen Gauci” – Mark Corroto, All About

“There’s an arresting consonance between the striking cover photo of street graffiti and the raw, edgy sound of tenor saxophonist Stephen Gauci’s group captured on location on Live at the Bushwick Series… This is free jazz at its most bracing,  blending improv and noise in singular fashion.” – John Sharpe, NYC Jazz Record


Stephen Gauci/Adam Lane/Kevin Shea, Studio Sessions Vol.2


“This is a titanic trio… Hard to believe that this trio (plus) plays almost every Monday” – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG 


Chris Welcome, Beyond All Things, Live at the Bushwick Series


“Recorded live (at) the Bushwick Public House in July 2018, the single extended piece recalls a latter-day take on John Coltrane’s Ascension or Ornette Coleman’s Free Jazz” – John Sharpe, NYC Jazz Record

“Beyond All Things is a classic Brooklyn Free Jazz energy blast” – Ken Waxman,


Sean Conly/Michael Attias/Tom Rainey, Live at the Bushwick Series


There is swell, spirited, tight, spiraling flow going on here… Another marvel from the GauciMusic label!
– Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG