• “After seemingly coming out of nowhere, Gauci offers more evidence of his continuing evolution into a major artist.” -Jay Collins, Cadence Jazz Magazine
  • “Some guys are a little more productive than others, here is a guy who has something to tell.” – Stef, Free
  • “Gauci’s development of a personal tongue is no hype. There’s a clear sense of composition and introspective intelligence in the notes he throws. Few players can boast an original sound, a truly unique voice. There’s more than a hint here with Gauci.” – Dan Rose, One Final
  • “Tenor saxophonist Stephen Gauci has been building up a discography that reveals a strong leader and sideman with a rugged tone and intriguing compositions.” – Mike Shanley, Jazz Times
  • “Gauci is looming as one of those artists where expectations remain high, his recent output is reliably entertaining and undeniably, cutting-edge in execution and scope.” – Glenn Astarita, Jazz
  • “Little playing heard these days is as enigmatic as that issuing from saxophonist Stephen Gauci. His dynamic range is equaled only by his powers of invention, in both composition and its molten twin, improvisation.”- Marc Medwin, All About Jazz
  • Pure poetry told in music” – Vittorio Lo Conte, All About Jazz Italia

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