Soundlift Berlin-New York Press Page

Brooklyn-based Stephen Gauci’s inspiring story of persistence and discipline in overcoming the adversity
of severe hearing loss from childhood and performing at the highest levels on the tenor saxophone is recalled once again as he resonates with aplomb on Soundlift Berlin-New York.
..Gauci characteristically all over the horn, his interaction with Schlippenbach, in particular, a total joy.”

– by Steven Loewy, The New York City Jazz Record (August 2022)

“Right from the gitgo, we can tell that something special is going on here. Mr. Schlippenbach, who recently turned 84, is in fine form here, thoughtfully balancing the many elements of freedom and connected spirits. ..a formidable quartet with all four members working together as one spirited, inventive unit.”

– Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Newsletter (May 20th, 2022)

“A remarkable, intense and urgent record, which is best revealed with successive and attentive listening.”

– Antonio Branco,